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What are the organizer details?


Your organizer information is where you can highlight your brand and the team running the competition. If you’re partnering with additional organizations, be sure to add them as an ‘Additional Organizer’ so all parties are featured.

Use organization logos and links to social networks to promote your competition and help participants manage expectations.

Organizer Details

  • Name: Who is running this competition? 
  • Description: Tell participants about your organization.
  • Organizer Image: Drag and drop your organization's logo where prompted, or simply click 'Upload Organizer Image' to select and import your image.
  • Link to Organizer Website and Social Networks: Check the box to expand the entry fields and then enter the URL for your Website and any social network pages. 
  • + Add Another Organizer: If multiple organizations are running this competition, click this link to repeat the steps above for the other organizations. 


Once you've established your Organizer Details, the next step is to create tickets for your competition.


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