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How do I create tickets?


The ticket settings will define what options participants see when they register for competitions. Ticket names should clearly reflect categories, divisions, or purpose to prevent any confusion when purchasing tickets.

Create a Ticket

  • Ticket Type: Choose from the drop down one of four options depending on if you are organizing an individual or a team competition. You can also create a Judge ticket, or create a custom ticket for spectators and/or sponsors.

  • Athletes Per Team (Team Ticket Only): Enter a number of participants per team.

  • Divison: Enter the division name that this ticket corresponds with. Rx, Scaled, Team, etc.
    *Note that you will need to create a ticket for each specific division.

  • Price: Enter the price for your ticket. You will see the fees that will be passed to the registrant automatically calculate to the right side of the field. 

  • Quantity Available: Enter the quantity available for this ticket type

  • Ticket Sales Start and End Dates: Enter the dates and time that you would like this ticket to be available for purchase. Make sure you are using the correct time zone! 

  • Description: Enter the description for the ticket to be displayed on the registration page.

  • Additional Settings: 
    • Choose whether or not the ticket purchaser must sign a waiver. You must have entered a waiver in the Basic Details section to have this option. 
    • Choose to collect a benchmark score from your registrants. This score will be factored in when scheduling heats so that you can create exciting, competitive heats. 


*Show the number of tickets available: Choose to hide the number available tickets to increase sales prior to the event. 

Additional Ticket Settings

  • Paying Fees: When using Wodify Arena, you can choose how you want to handle fees. You can either pass the fees along to the ticket buyer (you pay nothing) or you can absorb the fees into the ticket price and pay for them yourself.
    *Once your first ticket has sold, you will not be able to change these settings.

  • Tax Options: Please note that taxes vary based on the nature of your competition, the nature of your tax status, your location, the location of your attendees and other factors. These general tax options may or may not work for your specific tax situation. You should consult with your tax advisor about your obligations with respect to how much tax you need to collect, remit and report for your competition.
  • Collecting Participant Info: Create custom questions for registration to get to know your participants better and collect more information to run an awesome competition. Custom questions can be optionally assigned to all tickets or whichever tickets you select.

    *By default, we include t-shirt size as a required question, but you can deactivate it by clicking the pencil icon and deselecting all ticket types Arena_-_Tickets.png

    • To collect custom information, just select '+ Add Question' and select what type of question you'd like. For example, you can ask "Region you train in" and make it a Dropdown selection and add all of the established Regions. 

      *Tip: You can make information filterable on the leaderboard as long as in a Dropdown or Checkbox format


Once your tickets are created, you are ready to Publish Your Event! 



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