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How do I create workouts?



Create each workout with as much detail as possible to prepare all competitors and minimize questions or confusion. Be sure to highlight any differences between divisions, and include videos of standards if possible

Creating a Workout

  • Name: Give your workout a unique name
  • Scoring Type: Select your scoring type from the drop down list
    • Rounds + Reps: Use this if for any AMRAP workout
    • Reps: Best used for chippers or max effort workouts
    • Time: Use for any workout that is for time
    • Weight: Use for any workout that is for max weight
    • Distance: Use for any workout for max distance, this can be measured using Imperial or Metric systems
  • Ranking Type: Choose whether the scoring type is to be ranked 'Lower is Better' or 'Higher is Better'
    • Example: Workout: AMRAP7: Burpees- Scoring Type is 'Reps', Ranking Type is 'Higher is Better'
  • Tie Breaker: Choose whether or not to include a tiebreaker for your workout. If there is not a Tie Breaker, just select 'Ties Stand'. If there is a Tie Breaker, it can be set with any of the same Scoring and Ranking types mentioned above.
    • Example: Workout: AMRAP7: Burpees, Tie Breaker is the Reps completed in the first minute of the AMRAP- Tie Breaker is 'Reps', Ranking Type is 'Higher is Better'
  • Description: Enter the workout description. Be sure to include as many details as possible to make the workout standards clear to the competitors. 
    • If you have multiple divisions doing the same workout, but with different standards, and you are running your divisions in sequence (ie. Scaled Women then Scaled Men then Rx Women then Rx Men), you will only create one workout and enter the standards for each division in the description.
    • If you have multiple divisions doing completely different workouts, then you will want to create a new workout for each division. 
    • If you are running multiple divisions simultaneously, you will want to create a new workout for each division.


  • Workout Video: Upload a workout standards video from your Youtube, Vimeo, or similar video hosting account by clicking 'Add Workout Video' and pasting the embed share code for your video.


  • Publish Workout On Event Page: Check this box to select a date and time to publish this workout on your event page. You can choose to publish it right away, or you can release your workouts in a drip campaign by selecting a date and time in the future for them to be published.
  • Email workout to registered competitors once it is published: Check this box to have the workout automatically emailed to the participants once it is published.


  • + Add Another Workout: Repeat the steps above and add all of the workouts for your event.

Once you've completed all of your workouts, click 'Save & Continue' to set up your heat parameters.



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