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What are the score settings?



Points Per Place

Recommended for events of any size and for event organizers that are new to running competitions. In this system, competitors will score as many points as their place in each workout.

Table Points

Points are assigned based on the competitors' place in each workout and drop according to their position on the leaderboard. The final rank of the competitors is the sum of the total points awarded in every workout. The competitor or team with the highest amount of points wins. This scoring setting helps avoid ties.

Weighted Workouts Scoring

You may want to weight workouts different values. For instance, weighting the Finals of a competition double the points to make your competition more engaging. Just click the Pencil icon and enter the desired amount


Score Cards
Automatically create score cards, which you can choose to have the data prepopulated or print blank scorecards for more flexibility.
  • Include participant's leaderboard name, division, and heat (determined from the heat schedule)
  • Include the Judge's name (determined by the Judge Schedule)
  • Include a summarized description of workouts 
    • This can be a description of the workout and/or the judging standards for the workout
To download and print your Score Cards, just click 'SAVE' at the bottom of the page and then click 'PRINT' at the top right.
Wodify Arena Live!
We’ve created a native mobile app called Wodify Arena Live! to improve your scoring experience. To enable real-time results and eliminate manual updates to the leaderboard, you can give judges the ability to submit scores directly from the app.
Check the box to Allow judges to submit scores from Wodify Arena Live! mobile app and then you will have the option to select either Real Time or Delayed.
Once you've chosen your score settings, you are ready to start organizing your Heat Schedule!





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