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How do I setup my Heat Schedule?


First, you will determine how your heat settings by entering the number of lanes and the timing information in order to help us optimize the schedule for your event.

Make sure you consider the change over time of competitors between heats and time to change equipment between divisions and workouts so that your schedule does not get delayed!

Heat Settings

Number of Lanes: Also known as stations, this will determine how many competitors can complete the workout simultaneously. It usually varies according to the available venue space and the equipment needed for the workout. Don't worry you can change this later.

Workout Time Cap: Set the time cap for your workout. If you do not have an explicit time cap, set the max amount of time that you expect all of your participants to complete the workout

Time Between Heats: Set the amount of time that you would like to have between each heat in a division. 

Time Between Divisions: Set the amount of time that you will need between divisions to change out equipment and prepare for the next division.

*Note that this the time between heats will not be factored in after the last heat of the division, it will just be the time between the divisions considered.

Start Time: Set the start time for each particular workout. You will want to base this off of the estimated end time listed at the bottom of the previous workout.



Division Order: Set the division order for the heat schedule

*In the example above, each division will begin after the one before with a 5-minute time gap.
*You will be able to see the start time of each division to the right of the division name. 
*You can drag the division blocks to reorder.

Once you've set the parameters for each workout, click 'Save' and then click 'Generate' to generate the heat and lane assignments according to the settings you just placed. 



Your heats will then be automatically generated.



Editing the Heat Schedule

After generating the schedule, you are able to make any of the following edits up to on and on the day of your event, unless scores are already entered for the workout you are trying to update.

  • Drag and drop participants to reorder
  • Add Heats
  • Change the heat parameters by clicking 'Change Settings'
  • Mix heats with different divisions to fill lanes
  • Order the lane assignments by a benchmark score to create more exciting heats

Once you've created your Heat Schedule, just click 'Publish Schedule' at the top right to publish the schedule to your event page.

Now, to the next step, setting your Judge Schedule





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