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How do I enter scores?


From the Score Results page, you will be able to keep scores on track, edit results, and decide when to publish them.

Each of the following score settings will imply varying levels of action on the Score Results page:

Wodify Arena Judge Application: 

Welcome to the new age of scoring competitions. Now, with the Wodify Arena-Judge's App, judges can view their schedule, submit scores, and collect participant signatures directly from their mobile device! Eliminating the need for scorecard runners and even the scoring table, the Wodify Arena -Judge's app allows you to move quickly from heat to heat and provides the most advanced true live scoring on the market! 

The app allows for two setting choices for score publication:

  • Wodify Arena Live: Real Time (as scores are entered) With this setting, all scores will automatically update as they are entered by the judges from the Wodify Arena-Judge's app. You will still be able to unpublish heats, edit results, and publish heats as necessary.
  • Wodify Arena Live: Delayed (manually published) With this setting, you can review the scores as they come in from the Wodify Arena-Judge's app before publishing them. This gives you the opportunity to clear any discrepancies before the scores are officially published.

    Once you are ready to publish, you can do so on a heat by heat basis by clicking 'Publish' at the top right corner of the heat card. Or, you can do all of the scores at once by clicking the 'Publish All' at the top right corner of the page. 

    Once the results are published, each lane will be highlighted blue to differentiate the published from the unpublished results. You can also click 'Unpublished' at the top right corner of the heat card to remove the heat from the public leaderboard if necessary.
  • You can also click 'Unpublished' at the top right corner of the heat card to remove the heat from the public leaderboard if necessary. 

Manual Entry

With this option, you have opted out of using the Wodify Arena- Judge's and will be entering scores manually as the scorecards are delivered.

Ideally, you will have your scorecards collected and delivered to the scoring table in order of lanes, and the designated scorer can tab through the scoring fields heat by heat and enter the scores in the order they are delivered. 

Entering Scoring Measures

  • Reps
  • Rounds + Reps
  • Time: Scores for Time will need to be entered with a two-digit minute and second ex. 07:45, 10:04. 
  • Weight (lb or kg)
  • Distance (Imperial or Metric)



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