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How do I create the Judge Schedule?


The Judge Schedule allows you to assign your judges' heat and lane assignments throughout your competition. This can be setup so judges have preset work and rest periods, and it can be arranged by the judge's experience.

*If you are using Wodify Live! for scoring, the Judge Schedule must be established so that they are able to enter scores.

Automatically Generate the Judge Schedule

First, define how many heats your Judges will work consecutively and the number of heats they will have
off in between. 

*This is only necessary if you have enough judges that you will be switching them out for rest. If you only have enough judges for the lanes you have open, you will need to set these settings to 'No Limit'


Once you've set the parameters, click 'Generate All' > 'Generate'


You will notice the different experience level judges are identified as:

  • Blue=Advanced
  • Green=Intermediate
  • Yellow=Beginner

*The experience level is optional depending upon if you choose to ask for it in the registration process.

Then, just repeat this process for each workout accordingly. 

Manually Generate the Judge Schedule

You can also manually set the judges schedule by either:

  1. Drag and Drop the names into the Heat one at a time
  2. Select the names from the drop 'Assign Judge' drop down



*NOTE A judge can only be assigned to 1 lane per heat and only 1 judge can be assigned per lane

Once you've completed your Judge Schedule, you can then Print it to display in your gym and email it directly to your judges for their reference. 


Now that you're Judge Schedule is set, you've completed the last step in organizing your Competition, and you are ready to go for game day!


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