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How do I manage my competition Dashboard?


Your Competition Dashboard is your one-stop shop for keeping track on your the current state of your comp. 


  • Ticket Status: Check out the number of tickets you've sold in total percentage of those available. The chart will be broken down into paid vs free tickets.

  • Gross Revenue: Displays the amount of money you've grossed in ticket sales thus far, the taxes collected, and the amount that has been charged, whether it is passed on or absorbed.

  • Next Payout: The is the date that your next payout is scheduled. *If you are a Wodify Core customer that uses Wodify Payments, you may be eligible for payouts prior to the competition date. Otherwise, all payouts occur 5-10 business days after the competition ends. 

  • Countdown: The countdown keeps you aware of how far away from gameday you are, identifies if public event page is published or not, and gives you a quick link to share your event on social media. 

  • Ticket Sales Breakdown: The ticket sales graph breaks down the number of tickets sold per each division. This gives you a quick look at where you need to push your marketing efforts to sell more tickets. 

  • Net Revenue: The Net Revenue section shows a breakdown of the net revenue (Gross Revenue minus taxes and fees) per each ticket type. 

  • Quick Links: This section provides quick access to the steps you still need to complete as well as things like sending an email to your participants and printing the event PDF's (Score Cards, Heat Schedule, Judge Schedule). It also provides some useful insight from our thought leaders in competition management.


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